Kindy Photos in the Year 6 Yearbook

    Your Yearbook committee for 2020 is already in the early planning stages for this fabulous keepsake and we need your help.

    Earlier this year you received an email from our dedicated Year 6 photographers, Fiona Crockett and Sinead Hatton, reminding everyone to share any photos that you take throughout the year.

    In addition to this wonderful collection of 2020 photos, the Yearbook will include the 2014 Kindergarten school photo of all students. In the past, this meant asking you to find a copy of that photo and then scanning or sending a copy to us.

    The good news is that Advanced Life has been our photographer since 2014 so in an effort to make your life a little easier, all you need to do is complete the form at the link below giving us permission to download the Kindy Photo from Advanced Life and we will take care of the rest.

    *For those who were not at Roseville Public School in 2014, please also complete the form below and indicate 'No' to question 1 which will generate an email providing additional instructions. Please be sure to check your "junk" in box if you do not receive a reply.

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