RPS School Watch

    School Watch has been operating at RPS for nearly 10 years and it has been with the help of the School Watch volunteers and the engagement of our School community that we have kept theft and vandalism of the School at low levels.

    With the safety of our School Watch volunteers of most importance, we ask that you please follow these Volunteer Guidelines:

    • Tour the School during daylight hours only. If you can only attend during evening hours, only tour the School accompanied with another adult and never alone.
    • Report unusual activity that you see at School to School Security or the School Watch Coordinator. Never approach anyone that is engaging in unusual activity or attempt to intervene.
    • Stay on the outside of School buildings and classrooms. If a door is unlocked or a window is open, only lock it or close it if you can remain outside the building or classroom. If you would need to go inside the School building or classroom, report it to the School Watch Coordinator.
    • If you are approached by School Security, please tell them you are a volunteer with School Watch and show them some personal identification if requested.

    It only takes 15 minutes to tour the School:

    • Please check that doors are locked and windows are closed for the classroom buildings; library; office/administration building and Hall.
    • Please walk around the back of the Addison Road Block and the New Classroom Block to check for vandalism/graffiti.
    • Please walk down to the Amphitheatre to check for vandalism/graffiti/other activities.
    • Please check the stairwells in the New Classroom Block are clear.

    Please enter your details below to register to be part of the School Watch team and the School Watch co-ordinator will be in contact with you. Thank you!

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