Year 6 T-shirts 


    Dear Year 6 families,

    The colour chosen by the Year 6 students for the T-shirt for 2020 is fuchsia. It looks fantastic!

    The Year 6 T-shirts will be worn for the Great Aussie Bush Camp and the children are allowed to wear them for the last 2 weeks of the year, so it may be a good idea to order 2 T-shirts to accommodate washing.


    The price is $25 for each T-shirt.

    Orders close on Monday 24th February at 11.59pm

    After this time, ordering will be closed

    Names on T-shirts

    Each T-shirt will have your child’s approved nickname printed on the back of the T-shirt in large text, along with a full list of all students' first & last names in each class in small text.

    Please include your approved nickname(s) for the T-shirts when you order. 

    If ordering more than 1 T-shirt, the students can have different names on each.

    Year6 Colour Sample Fuchsia


    T-shirt 1

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