Membership, Meetings and Helping out

The RPS Parents and Citizens’ (P&C) Association is a not-for-profit organisation that is an active part of the RPS community and the heartbeat of the school. Its success is because of the parent community and their willingness to give their time and skills to help us achieve our goals as an organisation. There are many ways to get involved, and we strongly encourage all parents in the school to actively participate in some small way.

The Department of Education funding can only provide so much, so if we want more for our children, additional funds are needed, and this is where the P&C support comes to the fore. Through fundraising initiatives and social activities, the P&C raise funds each year to support programs for the education, equipment, facilities improvements, and maintenance for the school to promote a positive learning and
social environment and welfare of the students.

The P&C works closely with the school executives and staff to benefit all students and families.

Become a member

P&C meetings are open to everyone. However, as we are a constituted Association, you must be a member to vote or stand for committee positions. Become a member simply online here.

Attend our meetings

We meet once a term on a Thursday evening from 7:30pm (see calendar for this year’s meeting dates – link to P&C meeting location). To enable as many people as possible to participate in our meetings, they are currently being conducted via Zoom. Meeting details are circulated via Skoolbag, the School Newsletter and the P&C Facebook page. 

All meetings are attended by the P&C Executive members, the School Principal, and the Parent Community. At meetings, we discuss all aspects relevant to the school and its future direction and its community. We welcome questions during meetings or via email in advance to [email protected].

Help out

In a dynamic, community focus and culturally diverse school like RPS, we actively encourage all families to help out with School Fundraising Initiatives. There are many ways to help and support your children’s school and the P&C. This support can come in the form of Class Parent, Canteen Volunteers, Welcome Picnic, Readathon, Annual Fundraiser, and Sub-Committee involvement. Parent volunteers are a vital part of the success and community fabric of Roseville Public School. In addition, volunteering is a great way to get to know the school community and make new friends. 
For more information on the many varied ways you can contribute to RPS help, please check out suggestions on the “Get Involved” page.