Tuckerbox is one of our P & C sub-committees which aims to ensure there is always a supply of frozen meals on hand for anyone in our school community who, for a number of reasons, could do with help in the form of a meal.

    All people need help from time to time, whether it is due to financial difficulties, birth of a new baby, health or other challenging circumstances. Roseville School community is no different. We have a number of families who need support, and TUCKERBOX is one of the practical ways in which we can show our support for others in our school community.

    Tuckerbox is an organised team of volunteer cooks who ensure that there is always a supply of fresh and frozen meals on hand. Foil boxes, recipes and instructions and even transport is all organised but cooks-on-call are always needed. Usually several days notice is given and you can choose to provide a frozen meal at your convenience, buy a yummy take-away something or supply a freshly prepared delight. You don't need to be a masterchef eg. the good old family lasagne or bolognaise, or your favourite casserole.

    Cartons and lids are available from the Canteen on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Meals are delivered back to the Canteen and kept in the freezer. Please write what the meal is on the lid and all ingredients. NO nuts please.

    If you know of someone who could benefit from one or more pre-frozen family friendly meals deliver to the door contact your RPS class parent or our Tuckerbox Co-ordinator
    We are also looking for parents willing to prepare family friendly dinners (for 6 people) to freeze.  Tuckerbox will rely on this surplus of frozen meals to help out any of our families in a crisis.