Rosies Canteen

Rosie’s Canteen operates four days a week, feeding Roseville kids from Kindergarten to Year 6 over 800 meals per week! 

For our students and the parent community, Rosie’s Canteen is the True Heartbeat of the school, with many of our fundraising activities centering around the Canteen. Rosies offers only healthy meal options to our students, with a wide variety of food and lunch options. To see the complete range of food options, please see our Canteen Menu.

Our two fabulous paid Canteen members (Hilla & Olivia) operate Rosie’s, with additional food preparation support provided by valuable parent volunteers from across the school. The children love seeing their Mums or Dads serving at the canteen.

Rosie’s is open for walk-in snack purchases during Recess (Thursday & Friday) and during Lunch (Tuesday to Friday) throughout the school year. Rosie’s also opens for Stay & Play on Friday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00pm every fortnightly. Stay & Play is the great time where the Roseville parents community gets together for a fun afternoon after school. The children are especially excited when Stay & Play is on, and Rosie’s makes sure to get all the healthy treats ready and keep everyone happy!

All lunch orders can be made before 8.30am same day via Flexischools (Web/Mobile App) – there are no over-the-counter lunch orders taken. Late Lunch Orders can be made before 12pm same day with a limited menu option. Please ensure you have a registered Flexischools account before purchasing. Registration instructions are found here.

Volunteer Are Needed on Thursday and Fridays to help organise and prepare recess/lunch orders, as well as Stay & Play afternoons. Volunteer shifts are usually from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Thursday & Friday and from 3:00 to 4:00pm on Stay & Play Fridays. Any support makes a substantial difference! 

ROSIE’S CAFE is a new special service that the canteen offers on Friday mornings outside the Clothing Pool for parents to catch their breath after drop-offs and even for teachers to get their caffeine refill! Rosie’s cafe is special because not only coffee and tea can be purchased, but also delectable hand-made bakery and sandwiches (baked fresh by Hilla at the canteen in the morning) are on sale. They are only limited by Hilla’s creation, so be surprised every week!

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Canteen! If you have any questions about the Canteen or can’t make your Canteen Shift, please call the school on 02 9417 4107 or email [email protected]