RPS Band Program

Roseville Public School is renowned for having an excellent Band Program with a 30+ year history.  Our School Band Program is one of the highlights of being a student at our RPS. Over 180 children each year are actively involved in our music band programs. The band provides students with a space to grow physically and mentally in a fun and supportive environment. RPS P&C Band Committee manages the RPS Band Program.

Roseville Public School has 3 Concert Bands: Junior Band, Intermediate Band, and Senior Band. All three bands are open to students in years 3 – 6 who wish to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument.

All beginner students start in Junior Band and progress into our more advanced bands.

Registration interest via this link: RPS BAND

For all inquiries regarding our Band Program, please email us at

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Alternatively, please feel free to call us:

Band Convenor – TBC

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Our Band Programs:

Junior Band

Junior Band is our entry-level program for students new to music, wishing to learn a new instrument, or enjoy band but not ready for Intermediate Band.

Intermediate Band 

Intermediate Band is our middle concert band for students in their second year of learning and developing their music skills before joining Senior Band.

Senior Band

Senior Band is our top concert band for students typically in their third or fourth year of learning who can play longer and more challenging music.

Extension Ensembles:

At RPS, we offer several extension ensembles for students who wish to experience different musical challenges in smaller settings.

Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble is for students playing the flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone. Other instruments may be accepted at the conductor’s discretion. Positions reserved for Year 5/6 students; Year 4 students may be accepted at the Conductors discretion

Stage Band

Stage Band is for students playing the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, percussion, keyboard, and bass guitar. Other instrumentation may be accepted at the Conductors discretion. Positions reserved for Year 5/6 students; Year 4 students may be accepted at the Conductors discretion

Drum Corps

Drum Corps 1 & 2 is for students interested in marching percussion – snare, toms, bass drum, cymbals. Students do not need to be a percussionist to join but must be enrolled in a concert band to be eligible (e.g. a student may play the trumpet in Junior Band and learn percussion in Drum Corps).

String Ensemble

String Ensemble is for students playing the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

The String Ensemble is the only ensemble where students don’t have to participate in a concert band program. String Ensemble is the only ensemble that accepts students from Years 1 – 6.


All Concert Bands rehearse twice per week, with Extension Ensembles rehearsing once per week. Rehearsal time is critical to development, and we ask all members to arrive 15 minutes early to HELP with rehearsal setup.

Rehearsal times listed below reflect the 2021 timetable but are subject to change:

MorningJunior Band
String Ensemble
Senior BandIntermediate Band
RecessDrum Corps 1Stage BandJunior Band
Lunch TimeWind Ensemble
AfternoonIntermediate BandSenior Band
Rehearsal Time

Band Fees & Instrument Hire:

Band Fees

Band Fees are calculated annually to cover band program costs, including conductor’s fees, instrument maintenance, instrument purchases, music books, competition and festival fees, band intensive days, and general administrative expenses.

Extension Ensembles (Stage Band, Wind Ensemble, Drum Corps) are charged in addition to your child’s primary concert band fees.

It is important to be aware band fees are non-refundable – we cannot offer refunds if a student decides to leave the band part way through the year. Every attempt is made to keep fees as low as possible to ensure that the band program remains accessible to all children. 

Band invoices are issued each Semester (twice per year). Band Fees are expected to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. Individual families can contact the Band Convenor or Band Treasurer (in confidence) to pay by instalments if necessary.

Instrument Hire

Band members may hire their chosen instruments via the Band Program. Instrument Hire is available under an agreed 12 month contract. Large instruments such as Tuba may be hired for an extended period (subject to availability).

Due to limited instrument numbers, instrument hire allocation is based on a “first in” basis. Should we not be able to provide you with an instrument, we have contacts for other instrument hire companies.

All standard instruments (clarinet, trumpet, saxophone etc.) are charged a hire fee along with an annual service fee. All instruments are cleaned and serviced annually.